Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, and Welcome to my blog..


This Blog is dedicated to the history and culture of people around the world with an emphasis on African people and African history. Growing up and now as a student of history, I have been aware that African history is often told, written, or presented in a European or a Eurocentric and sometimes Arabcentric point of view. Considering that Western history and many of the academics were pioneered mainly by European people, a little "Eurocentic" perspectives are bound to show up even in the most radical Afrocentric outlooks. However, to tell the history of Africans and non Europeans, the story should be told with the least amount of bias and western cultural baggage as possible.

With that I don't consider myself Afrocentric, I am quite educated on European history. I find European history to be interesting and enjoy many aspects of it. If I wanted I could run circles around the Eurocentrics on other blogs comparing Gothic cathedrals which have many foreign influences to the architecture of Mali or Zimbabwe. However my goal is not to debate but to present facts and have an open conversation on history.

I hope you enjoy this blog and much as I enjoy reading history, studying history, and discussing history with friends. All forms of participation is encouraged, but reading and lurking is just fine..

Thank you.

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