Friday, December 9, 2011

Putting History into perspective...

Why History is Important.

As an aspiring historian, I keep asking myself.."Why"..Why am I going this route, why is this so important to me, and why did it take such a long time to recognize that I wanted to pursue history. Well I can not tell you exactly when I became interested in history, as a child my interest was in Astronomy(still is) and as a teen I became interested in Architecture. It was not until recently that I  recognized that I love history, despite the fact that I bought many books dealing with historical subjects. I guess my interest in history started with the fact that history can never end, that the story of history can always be reexamined and at the same time give us conclusion about modern day life. I do not want to go on with some long winded boring post so I will just get to the point....

How this blog will be structured...

1) I will post information on general history that will range from different subjects and time periods, from Prehistory to modern day history, from religion to secular. I will label the discussions based on their location, ancestry, and or importance...for example: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Sumer, Middle Age Ireland etc. The evidence will consist of images and information from a wide range of sources including magazine, internet sites, books etc.

I will try to present subject matter from an unbiased view point, but opinions and leaning will occur.

...Thank you again..

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